For 12 volt machines. (24 volt OPC24)

The purpose of this device is to protect the machine operator by shutting down dangerous implements when they leave the machine cabin or other predetermined situations.

The OPC12 is a compact and easy to use panel that has a number of options for its installation which allow for multiple switches and external E-stops.

The panel features:

  • Clearly labelled and easy to use.
  • Light weight and mountable.
  • Emergency stop switch (Push to stop, turn to release).
  • Push button reset that illuminates red when reset is required.
  • Keyed maintenance override switch.
  • Internal cut-out relay allowing for existing machine switch to trip system.
  • External E-stop loop circuit.
  • Multiple safety switch series input.

Contact Agri Circuits for safety switch options including seat pressure, door open, engine or ground speed sensing and limit switches or to interface into the machines existing switches.

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